on patient libertarians

“I wish there were a third option.” “I guess we just have to vote for the lesser of two evils.” “The Libertarian candidate doesn’t have a chance, so why even try?” Gov. Gary Johnson will not win the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s even less likely that the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein will win it. But they’re still […]

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on chair stackers

A long time ago, I read a book called The Wind in the Wheat. The author was a prominent producer in the Christian music industry, Reed Arvin. He produced albums for Rich Mullins, among others. The book tells the story of Andrew Miracle, a young man who plays and sings in church, but hopes for something greater. […]

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on real estate

The church has little need of real estate to fulfill its mission on earth. Why then are we so preoccupied with buildings? With sanctuaries? With cathedrals? With real estate? If Acts chapter 2 (Yeah, it always goes back to Acts 2 doesn’t it?), the early Christians met in homes. But the point is it wasn’t until Constantine established Christianity as the […]

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on misconceptions

What if Christianity is completely different from what you think it is? What if your ideas about Christianity and Jesus and God are coming from people, and not from God Himself? By now, everyone knows that God doesn’t actually “hate fags,” as the signs proclaim. People from the Westboro Baptist Church have proven that their ideas about […]

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on voting & stuff

I heard some great insight yesterday from Dr. Tony Evans. He’s a pastor in Dallas, and appeared as a guest on a podcast. His topic was the idea of voting as a Christian. He made some really good points, which I’ll list below, and then provide my own commentary. Christians need to be involved in the political process. I completely […]

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on picking a church

What attracts people to a church? Is it the lasers and smoke? Is it a robust small groups program? Is it a thriving children’s ministry? Today we’ll look at what people are looking for as they search for a new church. Half of American adults say they regularly attend weekly church services. And about that many have looked for a new congregation at some time […]

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