on control

My mom had a wise response she would often use when I was kid and would complain about something trivial. If I didn’t get to use my favorite color of cereal bowl or something, she would ask me the following: “In a hundred years, is it going to matter?“ To a young kid, of course, that cereal bowl […]

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on Jeremiah 29:11

I have applied Jeremiah 29:11 to my family and our future. Guilty as charged! The big argument with that passage of scripture is that, in context, it was a letter meant for a particular people at a particular point in Jewish history, as were other parts of the OT. But the content is absolutely consistent […]

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on debating politics

After years of debating politics online, I’ve come to a few realizations: Once the fog of emotion pervades the discussion, truth and logic have a difficult time getting through. Every election is said to be the most important election ever, but they never are. The other candidate is way worse than my candidate, but the […]

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