Salvation is free

Salvation is free. You don’t have to pay indulgences to a church and you don’t have to send “seed money” to some televangelist…

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Fighting for margin

So many of us think being busy is a virtue. We even attach our level of activity to our sense of self-worth. Or we use being busy as a reason to think of ourselves as martyrs. By listing all the demands of the week in order of priority you’ll end up with a few things at the bottom of that list that can be trimmed.

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on William Tyndale

He was hunted by agents of the Church of England and had to leave the country. Ultimately, he was betrayed, imprisoned, and tried for heresy. Finally, he was hung & burned on Oct. 6, 1536.

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on manhood

Robert Lewis has often said that a man doesn’t consider himself a man until his father tells him he is. Obviously, that’s not practical for everyone. Too many of our dads never knew they were supposed to tell us. Many are either divorced from our mothers, deceased or otherwise weren’t around for the formative moments […]

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