on manhood

Robert Lewis has often said that a man doesn’t consider himself a man until his father tells him he is.

Obviously, that’s not practical for everyone. Too many of our dads never knew they were supposed to tell us. Many are either divorced from our mothers, deceased or otherwise weren’t around for the formative moments in our lives that shaped our manhood.

This has caused a crisis: So many men are completely clueless about what it means to be a man. They have ideas. Some think it has to do with being the Brawny man like on the paper towel package. Some assume it’s all about guns and motorcycles (and yeah, I’ll admit that sounds appealing). Still, others are completely confused by a politically correct culture that says there’s something wrong with them if they happen to display any outwardly masculine traits.

So I’ll give you five bullet points, in no particular order, which I believe may help in defining manhood. Your definition may be different from mine (and yes, I borrowed a few concepts from the Authentic Manhood video series), but my goal here is to assist in defining a manhood that is constructive, positive, and ultimately, responsible.

  • keeps his promises
  • controls his temper
  • commits to one woman
  • provides for & protects his family
  • sticks around to help raise his own children

Entrepreneur and influencer Dale Partridge said, “You can grow a beard, and you can chop wood with a vintage axe,” but those things don’t make you a man. All that stuff “is empty, and if you can’t back it up with integrity, maturity, and leadership you just end up with a boy trying to fill the boots of the man he’ll never be.”