Prayer is awkward

It’s weird. It’s awkward. Who am I even talking to?

These are some thoughts people have about praying. Do they mirror at least some of what you think about prayer?

Back up a minute. Prayer is just talking to God. So why does it seem so — there’s that word again — awkward? You may not be convinced that God’s listening. You may not know if He even exists. So, why would you try to speak to someone that’s just sort of… maybe, out there?

He wants us to. And what’s awesome is it’s okay to speak in plain language. He doesn’t care whether or not we use “proper” or “holy” words. He’s not impressed by all the usual Christian phrases.

He wants your openness. And yes, your awkwardness. He wants your brutal honesty: Do you think He can’t handle a few cuss words? Trust me, He’s heard it all.

If you’re not convinced He’s there, or that he’s listening, or that He exists, I want you to try something: Just talk to Him. Ask him in the most sincere way you can to reveal Himself to you.

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.
— Jeremiah 29:13


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