What if everything you think you know about Christianity is wrong? Should a Christian vote? Are Christians awkward? Why are they even called “Christians” when so many using that name have done such terrible things? Why is the church obsessed with real estate? What exactly is “the church?”

Jesus Uncomplicated. The study of Jesus is remarkably uncomplicated. Any thorough study of the Bible will eventually lead right back down to Jesus… who He is, and what He did.

My name is Brian and I have a passion for challenging misconceptions about God, Jesus, faith, and the Church. I try to take a back-to-basics approach in discussing these and other topics from the perspective of a husband and father. You may not agree with me on everything (or anything), and that’s okay. These are my thoughts based on the prayer and research I’ve invested. If you are one of my pastors, either past or present, you are invited to correct me where I’ve erred.