on Billy Graham

He wasn’t a self-help guru, and he never promised prosperity for donations. When the world heard his voice, they heard the basics: They heard that Jesus loves them and that salvation through Him is the only way to attain eternal life.

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on the desires of your heart

Psalm 37:4 is one of those verses that people misunderstand. You know, the old stand-by verses that people quote to make them feel better about their circumstances, while completely disregarding the context.

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On Lightning and skewed perspective

When we hear about crazy events via social media — floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, riots, murders, etc. — we tend to get the strong impression that these incidents are on the rise. We start to feel we should store seeds in underground vaults and head for the hills. We think about all the ways there are to be frightened.

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Q&A on social justice

Q: What types of social justice issues typically ignite your passions? A: “Social justice” has become a buzzword, and various social justice topics have been cheapened as they’ve become used as marketing tools for those with an agenda to push. In the modern church, we’re too often distracted by shiny objects. There’s this cause and that […]

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My ideas for a men’s conference

For well over a year now, I have been part of a team that provides feedback to a large nonprofit organization on various products and initiatives. The organization is known worldwide and has books, podcasts, radio programs, blogs, and video content all aimed at one purpose: to help families thrive. They recently asked us about our […]

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on religion

Why we shouldn’t mind too much when someone calls us “religious.” There are generally two reactions to the word “religion.” Many Evangelical Christians have grown to loathe the word (as much, perhaps, as they dislike being called “evangelicals”). “Religion” has an old-timey connotation. We tend to shy away from it in favor of a more […]

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on activism

We Christians often envision ourselves as activists for God, fighting for righteous causes, assuming that God is patting us on the back for winning arguments with our meme sharing and clever social media commentary. We feel like we have to “fight the good fight,” because “the world” is coming to take away our freedoms, our […]

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Thoughts on the Trump win

I held off writing a response to this debacle for a while, thinking that anything I might post in the initial aftermath of the election might come across as reactionary. And sure enough, I’ll be honest… In the day or two following the election, the phrase “get over it” crossed my mind a few times, even […]

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